Easily Create a Microsite with WallWidget 1BoingOpia is coining the phrase Consumers can now Shop, Wherever They Stop with this latest product launch.

The company has released technology that allows anyone to create a remotely controlled micro-site of any product website in under two minutes.

Sound too good to be true or want to know more? Keep reading…

Eric Benson, CEO, says, “…the Patent Pending technology creates a widget of any website without downloading or storing any of the website’s content. Instead, as patent professionals have verbalized it, the technology is more like a portable, embeddable, browser which focuses on only one specific website. It arranges links to the assets of the website such as images, videos, and text, then displays them to the viewer through a portal creating a new age, ‘picture in picture’ viewing experience for the web.”

When shared virally to social networks such as facebook, for example, the widget lives within the facebook Wall and provides consumers with the convenience of never having to leave their page to interact with their favorite websites or to purchase products.

This initial launch of the technology is in association with internet marketers who find the technology very compelling because of its ability to continuously track their virally spread affiliate links within their own created WallWidget to ensure proper payment of commissions.

Currently available through ClickBank WallWidget for eCommerce is initially accessible by more than 100,000 internet marketers for a nominal monthly usage fee.

WallWidget also has a free component which allows consumers to create their own free WallWidget for Music, Videos, etc., such as YouTube. YouTube users can now create a WallWidget of their favorite video collections, share to their facebook Walls for continuous play of all videos saved in the collection. For those familiar with the Amazon Affiliate Network – think very similar to that with the ability to embed flash-enabled content.

I had to include the following line from the official press release:

With its sights set on other industries such as Real Estate, Medical, Banking, Politics, Travel, Entertainment, etc., WallWidget(TM) has projected revenues into the Billions of Dollars in the years to come.

That’s right – they said Billions !!

Easily Create a Microsite with WallWidget 2


  1. I tried this little thingy on their free demo offer, and I was truly amazed at how well and how frickin FAST it worked !! Then I shared my little WallWidget to my facebook page and I could literally see everything from the website that I used as my sample site, without even actually going to that website. Then I tried the YouTube video search page, and I did a search and it starting showing all of the TOP videos even before I hit enter. Then I clicked Select All button and then clicked Create WallWidget button and in less than one second I had my WallWidget for videos. Then I clicked one button to share it to my facebook page and started watching the videos continuously, like 25 videos back to back.

    Iam telling you, this little WallWidget thingy is Hot !!


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