What IS The Price of Happiness

Can money really buy you happiness?

More and more research has concluded that the answer to that age old question is actually ‘NO’

Now, there is a number that a majority of folks have in mind when it comes to being happy and, interestingly enough, it’s lower than you may expect. It’s not one million dollars, and it’s not 250 thousand dollars, the price of happiness is actually right at $75,000.

Interesting isn’t it?!

Apparently anything less than $75,000 annually and folks are over-consumed with worrying about debt and making sure the “ends meet”. Anything above $75,000 and it’s not really happiness, but in fact more problems that come that are associated with having more money.

“If survival is the primary human goal, happiness comes in at a close second,” said Kip Parent, Chief Executive Officer of Keirsey Research. “It is such a multifaceted emotion that is impacted by numerous variables, from personality type to age to parenting status. We wanted to learn more about who is happy and why.”

According to the study, which used Keirsey’s In-FlowTM “river” methodology, the happiest Americans are extroverts with an annual household income of $75,000 or more (82 percent very or somewhat happy). The least happy Americans are unemployed (46 percent), closely followed by those who are separated but not divorced (48 percent).

What’s your take? Is $75,000 good enough for you? Can YOU actually put a price on your happiness? Would love to hear your comments below.

Before you leave your comment, watch this video from a TED Talk in December 2008 by Benjamin Wallace talking specifically about this topic – the price of happiness and can happiness be bought. Fascinating stuff.

For more information on this study and the Keirsey methodology please visit:
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