Netflix Gets Kid Friendly 1

I spend $7.99 a month for Netflix. That’s THE best entertainment investment I’ve made in a long time – trust me.

My wife and I love it. We’re constantly checking out great old programming and streaming it to our iPad or laptops on our constant travels.

Our kids, are Netflix Ninjas ! They got the system dialed in. A little SpongeBob in the morning, a some Avatar: The Last Airbender in the afternoon, and then some Destination: Truth in the evening.

Now Netflix has just moved up in the cool rankings by announcing the availability of Netflix Just for Kids.

This service is being marketed as a fun world of kid-friendly TV shows & movies. How they capture the kid market…not only is it available online at, but it’s available on the Nintendo Wii. GENIUS !!

Just for Kids is a special section designed so kids can easily find great stuff to watch – all suitable for those 12 and under.

Netflix Gets Kid Friendly 2


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