Insight From BlogWorld Expo: Spreecast 1

From a bloggers perspective it should be kept front-of-mind that utilizing multiple streams of interaction is critical to reach a wider, more diverse audience.

Content is always going to be king, but that content doesn’t necessarily always have to be text.

Vlogging and the concept of a netcast is literally blowing up!

To follow in the footsteps of webpreneurs like Justine Ezarik, Sukhjit Ghag, Leo Laporte and Erin Blaskie, to name a few, and integrate video into our content creation workflow has nothing but positive ramifications.

Obviously, you’ll want to do it the right way. You’ll want the user experience to be stellar, and you’ll want the overall appearance of the end product to look polished.

Insight From BlogWorld Expo: Spreecast 2
Hanging out with the Spreecast team

Say hello to Spreecast.

I got introduced to Spreecast a few months ago as a result of a KloutPerk. From the first time I fired up Spreecast I could tell these folks “get it”.

The user interface is extremely intuitive and straightforward – Making high quality single or multi-user videos is all Spreecast wants to do and most of the technical heavy lifting is already built into the platform. Layer onto that foundation the social sharing capabilities now I can truly say that I have a new tool in my overall content creation toolbox.

The recent BlogWorld Expo in Los Angeles was the company’s first official trade show where they actually had a booth presence. I had the opportunity to spend some quality conversation time with Colin Evans. We talked about void that Spreecast is looking to fill – to provide a video communications platform that is inherently social and allows multiple people to broadcast their conversations live. Key words in that previous statement: inherently social.

By allowing up to 4 video streams, and allowing a producer to control who ends up on camera and how questions and comments are distributed to the host(s) – Spreecast really makes creating quality video content exciting.

We here at HicksNewMedia have created three channels that eventually will represent the primary video conversations we’ll be having with you, the readership:

  • HicksNewMedia – Where we’ll discuss everything the agency is working on and hold general Q&A sessions
  • THE Tech Scoop – Technology training and webinars with subject matter experts answering viewer questions
  • INFOtainment News – Popular culture, what’s in the news, and essentially everything that isn’t tech

We’ll soon begin scheduling and posting timeframes for our sessions and as soon as Spreecast allows embedding of these video streams into a self-hosted blog we’ll integrate them directly into each respective site (hint hint Colin, gotta have that embed soon…)

Overall I’ve been really pleased with what I’ve seen from Spreecast. If you have a need to add a video element to your content creation I recommend you check out what Colin and team have put together.


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