Comments are so last year. What’s happening now, and what you need to focus on is conversations.

That’s what Livefyre does. They actually take it a step further and focus on real-time conversations.

I’ve used nearly every comment/discussion platform in the marketplace today for the WordPress platform. In the end, after all my bleeding edge testing and evaluation, I come right back to Livefyre.

For me it’s a combination of a few things. Yes, the tool has to be of extremely high quality and integrate seamlessly into my workflow and environment – Livefyre does that.

Scalability and interoperability also has to be there for the leading social/new media platforms – Livefyre does that and has a robust roadmap to bring in even more interoperability in the coming weeks.

The most recent platform update brought users SocialSync which is a collection of features that enable publishers to share, follow and curate content in real-time as it spills out across the web. In layman’s terms – your Facebook, and Twitter interactions about a given topic are seamlessly integrated into the conversation.

Aside from all those technical pieces of the puzzle being in place, what keeps me waving the Livefyre banner is – the people. Led by Jordan Kretchmer, there is a strong sense of stability, collaboration, and upward mobility. Not only that, Jordan knows and appreciates good whiskey. I’m a Macallan single malt scotch man myself. I knew about the 10, 12 and 18 year vintages, but damn – hanging with Mr. Kretchmer I dabbled in the 25 year old scotch. #FTW

Jordan has assembled a team of winners and everyone is marching in the same direction and for the same goal – customer satisfaction and high quality of service delivery. There are two distinct divisions, if you will, of Livefyre – one consumer focused and one focused on larger enterprise brands. The strategy is strong, free model for consumers is where the overall market penetration is happening, but the enterprise side of the house is targeting big names (you’ll see much more of this in January…)

More about the people:

Jenna Langer, Director of Strategy at Livefyre and a fellow CSU Sacramento Alumni (shouts out to the Hornets !!) – if you’re a client of Livefyre, or considering the platform – hit up Jenna. She’s absolutely awesome. She’s got her hand on the pulse of the organization and can make things happen.

Jeremy Hicks, Community Manager. Now, I’m not biased just because we share the same last name; but Jeremy is always there – managing the community (hence his title). I’ve shot Jeremy questions late at night and early in the morning both about Livefyre and the over/under on a sports game – he responds damn near instantly. By the way Jeremy, sorry it’s been such a tough year for them Cowboys!

In summary, commenting and engagement on your blog is incredibly important and something no digital publisher should look at haphazardly. You’re going to want a robust platform that can scale. A platform that can meet the needs of the Social InterWeb today AND be built for the forthcoming needs of your readership. The overall user experience is key and if it’s not flat out easy and intuitive for a visitor to leave a comment or share a piece of your content, they won’t (and they’ll probably not come back to your site again…) Give Livefyre a try. You won’t be disappointed.

My word and my recommendation are the foundations of my brand, and I support Livefyre 100%.

Your thoughts?