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Persistent Cough? Have Some Chocolate

by INFOtainment News on November 2, 2011
Health + Fitness
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As winter approaches, many of us are sure to get the nasty cough.  The next time your stuck with this persistent nuisance, try eating one of the world’s favorite foods –  chocolate.  

A study by British researchers, published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journalshowed that theobromine, a compound naturally found in chocolate, worked much more effectively than codeine in preventing coughs.  Codeine was thought to be one of the most potent cough suppressants.

What is it?

Chocolate is produced from the seeds of the cacao tree native to South America.  The seeds are ground and liquefied into a chocolate liquor.  The liquor is separated into a solid and a butter (cocoa butter).

What is it good for?

Choclolate is known for a myriad of health benefits, not just fighting a cough.   If you indulge, opt for dark chocolates which are known for having a higher percentage of healthy compounds.  The darker the chocolate, the healthier the sweet.  The polyphenols in the darker chocolates are known to fight inflammation of tissues in the circulatory system.  As with aspirin, blood platelets are less likely to clump together preventing blood clots.  The most recent research indicates that antioxidants in chocolate could help reduce the chances of developing cancer by fighting cell damage that can lead to tumors.

All Things In Moderation

This good news should in no way be taken as a green light to gorge on the delictable sweet; all things in moderation.  Moderation can be difficult.  Especially, at this time of the year.  Should the craving become to much and you exceeed your daily limit of chocolate, researchers suggest a brisk walk could curb the desire to gorge on all the holiday treats.

Will chocolate be included in your medicine cabinet this winter?  If so, stick to the darker chocolates.

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