Netflix Does Something Right - Inks Disney Deal 1It’s been a roller coaster ride of a month for Reed Hastings and those inside of Netflix – including for us that are still subscribers. But it looks like there has finally been some good news to come out of those corporate offices.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Disney has inked deals with both Amazon and Netflix for digital distribution of their content.

Netflix is renewing shows it has offered under a prior agreement and picking up new titles such as ABC’s “Alias.” The agreements will see both services offering shows such as prior seasons of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Lost” and Disney Channel’s “Phineas & Ferb.”

“The bigger takeaway, I think, is that the content companies come out ahead,” said Tony Wible, a Janney Capital Markets analyst who covers Netflix. “Distribution is becoming more of a commodity, which allows those content companies to sell their content into more locations.”

It’s getting really close to where I’m considering dramatically reducing my high price cable/satellite subscription and just streaming shows and channels from Netflix (and Google TV).

What do you think? Is this good for YOU the end-consumer? Have you dumped Netflix in favor of something like BlockBuster or another service?

Netflix Does Something Right - Inks Disney Deal 2


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