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Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in 5 Seconds – DAMN !!

Everyone and I mean everyone has had a Rubik’s Cube. We’ve all tried to solve the thing and impress our friends and just prove to ourselves that we had the mental capacity to get the colors lined up.

My fastest time was – never. I could never get more than one side completely done without giving up – and that was WITH a guide map to help me.

Here, ladies and gentlemen is a video that shows a demonstration where a smartphone-powered robot solved the Rubik’s Cube in a blazing 5.352 seconds. For your information, that beats the previous world record of 5.66 seconds set by Feliks Zemdegs (a human).

David Gilday and Mike Dobson built the Cubestormer II by combining the processing power of a Samsung Galaxy S II and Lego’s Mindstorm NTX, robotic kits that can be programmed and pieced together in a variety of configurations.


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