If you’re looking for a job I would caution you to be aware of what items you share on your various social media profiles.


I say that because, a new data visualization put together by reppler.com, shows the impact that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN interactions, and comments, actually have on you being selected by an employer.

For instance, in a recent blog post on the Simply Hired blog, Shannon Leigh, a talent and development manager at Kforce, posted the following as three things recruiters check for:

1. What you post. “Just having your name and where you worked doesn’t give us [recruiters] a lot of perspective of who the candidate really is,” says Leigh. “We like to see how candidates are leveraging social media and engaging in discussions to see what their thought process is.” To that end, make sure you’re pushing your industry’s “conversation” forward, not spouting off personal newsbytes or inane (inappropriate) banter about last Friday’s kegger.

2. Who you know. This reveals how well-connected (and in-the-know) you might be in your industry. Professional groups and associations likewise shed light on what you’ve been up to, and can show your willingness to step up your game and take on new skills.

3. How you present yourself. Is your profile filled out and up-to-date, or does it appear robotic, listing only your name and birth date? “Updating your profile with current experience is crucial,” says Leigh. “Recruiters want to find out everything they can about you to make sure you are the best candidate for the job.”

Times have definitely changed folks. Consider yourself made aware.

Recruiters ARE Looking At Your Social Media Profiles 1



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