Best Buy Launches Mobile App Discovery Center 1Best Buy just rolled out their App Discovery Center. a mobile app service designed to make it easier for consumers to locate the apps they need when they want them, short-cutting the typically tiresome search through thousands of iOS and Android alternatives.

Available free to users, the new Best Buy App Discovery Center is aimed at addressing some of the pain of searching through countless apps that appear to do very similar functions.

So to alleviate that pain, the app uses proprietary technologies to organize options and to offer recommendations, “hot” apps, search results and a complete app directory along with app recommendations from Best Buy Blue Shirts.

That proprietary technology is an API call to the well know and respected Appolicious service. Very smart collaboration Best Buy…

“People have always relied on Best Buy to help them find the right technology solutions,” said Wendy Fritz, senior vice president of Computing, Tablets and E-Readers at Best Buy. “Our App Discovery Center helps extend that level of customer support to the mobile experience well after customers may have purchased their gear. It’s a natural addition to our growing portfolio of services that make it easier for people to connect with the things and people they love.”

Best Buy Launches Mobile App Discovery Center 2Among the features available in the Best Buy App Discovery Center are:

  • App Directory: Organized into more than 1,200 popular categories, like “Preschool Early Reading” and “Travel Destinations,” where consumers can find apps in their specific areas of interest.
  • App Search: An exclusive algorithmic app search based on social, user-generated and editorial signals that provides consumers with the best search results.
  • Hot Apps: List of “hottest” apps in Android Market and iTunes App Store updated regularly.
  • Best Buy Blue Shirts’ App Picks: Customers can view the aggregated app recommendations of ultimately thousands of Best Buy Blue Shirts, and even drill down by specific store and store associate.
  • Price Cuts: A constantly updated list of recent significant price reductions in Android Market and iTunes App Store.

The service is available now on and will be coming soon to the Best Buy iOS and Android apps.


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