This post brought to you by Disney Movie Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

We’ve all grown up with Disney; either television specials, cartoons, or visits to the spectacular theme parks.

You can’t forget about the movies. Be it either the classics with Mickey and Goofy, or the new features with all the princess adventures – it’s just good family fun and entertainment.

Now there is an special offer direct from the Disney Movie Club to bring much of that movie magic home for your continued enjoyment. The Disney Movie Club is offering new members that join the club a special introductory offer of 4 Disney movies for $1.00 total and that includes free shipping.

Not a bad deal right? Well the deals get even even sweeter as you stay with the club because members will also be eligible for discounted prices and various other promotions on any other Disney movies that are made available.

I’ve got two kids myself, a girl and boy, aged 9 and 7 and they watch Disney shows and movies all the time. Again, the new stuff is great, but the classics are definitely where it’s at for me so this offer just may end up as a family holiday gift this year.

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