Computer Apparel Wants To Dress Up Your Apple Gear 1It’s an Apple thing – you gotta be part of the Cult of Mac to fully understand just how cool this stuff is.

Computer Apparel has announced the next generation in business casual with their Original V-Neck Sleeves, designed to protect Apple laptops, iPhones, and iPads in style. Equipped with convenient pockets to stow chargers, papers, and even a place for an iPhone, this is one computer sleeve that will never go out of style.

Made from high-quality cottons and ultra-soft padding, the Original V-Neck Sleeve is not only a safe fit for computers and tablets, but it is also a machine washable one. Those of us with kids that use our Apple gear will greatly appreciate that fact…

“We wanted to create something that was fun, fashionable, and most importantly, of quality,” says Roger Ein of Computer Apparel. “The V-Neck Sleeve offers superior protection, convenience, and even security, meaning it is easy to mistake the V-Neck Sleeve for an actual folded up v-neck t-shirt.”

The V-Neck Sleeve is the talk of the town now, but according to Ein, there are many many more products being prepared for enthusiasts.

“We have hundreds of ideas for new computer sleeve fashions,” says Ein. “The Original V-Neck Sleeve is just the beginning. Imagine an entire wardrobe for your computer; that’s Computer Apparel.”

Right now, you can get your hands on the V-Neck Sleeve in four sizes (iPad, Small: 13″, Medium: 15″, Large: 17″) and five colors (Red, Blue, Silver, Black, White) ranging in price from $49.99 to $69.99.

Computer Apparel Wants To Dress Up Your Apple Gear 2

Check them out online at

Computer Apparel Wants To Dress Up Your Apple Gear 3


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