I am sick of seeing “i___” in brand names.  Due to the astronomical success of Apple’s “i___” branding convention (iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone…) companies domestic and international alike have not stopped following suit.  Now, there’s iStarin.  As if their name wasn’t chintzy enough, they are offering the promise of allowing anyone to “star in the greatest movies” through a service found at carnivals and San Francisco’s Pier 39.

Be a Superstar in Seconds with iStarin 1
Ever want Edward and Jacob to fight over you? Here's your chance... on your very own movie poster!

The concept of iStarin is allowing their site visitors to browse through a gallery of movie posters, then select a movie poster, upload their photo, and bada bing bada boom, their face is magically transposed over the original actor on the poster.  You know, the actor who actually got paid millions of dollars to actually star in the movie?

Be a Superstar in Seconds with iStarin 2
Don't want to have to work for Wolverine's abs? Or maybe you just want to pose next to the lovely Halle Barry on a movie poster? No problem! We'll Photoshop your face onto his body, complete with Adamantium claws!

Now if they can offer up the real Blockbuster movie star’s paycheck to match a poorly Photoshopped photo, then I’ll be impressed.

Be a Superstar in Seconds with iStarin 3
You mean you DIDN'T know I was in the Hangover? Well, dude, I totally was.


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