I love museums.


Growing up as a art geek in San Francisco, I would ditch school to go to the DeYoung Museum.  I’ve even convinced my mom to write me a note to get out of gym class, so I could see the limited time exhibits at the museum without having to elbow through the weekend crowds.  Museums is the first thing I scope out whenever I travel to a new place, be it historical, musical, contemporary art, or photography.

Schwarzenegger Dedicates Museum to Himself: The Governator  1

However, I can say with firm certainty that if I were to visit Thal, Austria, the museum of Arnold would likely be something I’d pass on.  It was reported by OMG from Yahoo! that the former governor of California trotted across the ocean in his private jet to formally inaugurate a museum devoted to chronicling his humble beginnings as a muscular youth in Hollywood to the muscular Governator.  He was also expected to unveil a bronze statue of himself during the inauguration.

Schwarzenegger Dedicates Museum to Himself: The Governator  2

When I think statues, Michelangelo’s David, Goddess Sekhmet, and Vishnu comes to mind.  Somehow the former Conan the Barbarian isn’t my first choice.  But if anything, recognition from his hometown was a spirit lifter for the Terminator amidst his recent tribulations.  At the very least, this gave him a chance to get out of town in his private jet to clear his head.

Schwarzenegger may not be able to have an U.S. presidential inauguration, but I’m sure the Thal Museum of Arnold’s inauguration is more fun anyway.


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