The ingeniousness of the development community never ceases to amaze me.

There has already been a WordPress plugin created to visually display your posts in the same fashion as the new Facebook Timeline.

Plugin: WP Facebook Timeline


Create a visual linear timeline representation from your WordPress posts and other media sources in the style of Facebook Profile Timeline. Timeline events can be filtered by taxonomy terms and post types, including custom taxonomies and post types enabled by your active theme.

In addition to WordPress content, you can also add content to the timeline from Twitter – filtering by multiple hashtags. As a sidenote:┬áThis functionality makes this plugin especially cool!!

You can set timeline events to be “featured”, ie: span across both columns to be more prominent by setting a custom meta field key to mf_timeline_featured and its value to 1. This is great for indicating milestones on the timeline, or highlighting a particular piece of information on the timeline.

Make Your WordPress Blog Look Like The Facebook Timeline 1

The plugin is brand new in the WordPress Plugin Repository. At the time of this post there have been 84 downloads and three 5 star ratings for version 1.0.2 of the plugin.

The plugin can be called through the use of shortcodes, so that’s convenient for allowing you the ability to integrate the timeline in any page/post.

The author state that additional content sources such as Flickr and YouTube will be coming in future releases.

If you try it – let us know your experience.

Make Your WordPress Blog Look Like The Facebook Timeline 2



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