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I love a good fairytale.

Drew Barrymore’s Ever After remains a staple in my DVD player.  So it’s not hard to guess the theme of my own wedding is Enchanted, and I was one of the first in line to buy the commemorative royal wedding issue of People Magazine.  Although I’m in no rush to buy a photo issue documenting today’s royal matrimony, I still couldn’t help but click through the online wedding photo deck of the royal who was recorded by Guinness Book of Records to hold the most (49) recognized titles.

One of the most controversial weddings this year, is undoubtedly the Spanish multi-billionaire, Duchess of Alba.  The petite 85 year-old Duchess remarried today to Alfonso Díez, 24 years her junior, in an intimate ceremony at the Duchess’ Seville’s Dueñas Palace.

Despite jokes and jeers at the Duchess’ expense, you can’t deny that, like William and Kate’s wedding, this was also a fairytale.  Commoner boy meets aristocratic girl, they fall in love, girl gives up her fortune to prove their devotion to each other, then they wed in a palace in Europe.

While some onlookers focused on the Duchess’ charitable accomplishments and her efforts in relieving some of the recession in Spain, others criticized the age difference between the Duchess and her new husband, as well as her determination to remarry at her age.  I disagree with these unfair criticisms.  Love and happiness have transcend beyond age.

But the one thing I learned from the Duchess is, you can’t cheat the aging process.  You can mask the appearance of age, delay the appearance of it with the blessings of great genetics, but no one can outright cheat it.  Not even a woman with the net worth of $5 billion.  The best way is to embrace it and age as gracefully as you can as these three women have.

Nichelle Nichols
Jane Fonda
Betty White

To the Duchess, I say “felicitaciones por su día de la boda!”


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