"Sorry Larry, the cloud can't be stopped" 1Salesforce.com today announced that Oracle has cancelled Salesforce.com’s keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.


With that, Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff will now speak at 10:30 a.m. PT tomorrow at Ame Restaurant in the St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, CA.

Immediately following Benioff’s talk, at approximately 12:00 p.m. PT, he will host a press Q&A. Both events will be streamed live on salesforce.com’s website at www.salesforce.com/live.

I can guarantee you Benioff will have a few words to say about being pulled off the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 schedule. But nothing is better than the quote from him today, which was direct at Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison…

“Oracle just cancelled my keynote tomorrow. But the show must go on! Everyone is welcome to join me at Ame Restaurant tomorrow to hear about the social enterprise. Sorry Larry, the cloud can’t be stopped,”

Update: As promised – we found a way to get the Benioff talk embedded – watch below:

"Sorry Larry, the cloud can't be stopped" 2


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