Users of Shazam know this scenario – you’re tagging songs you hear on the radio, because you want to find out the artist, or just buy it right then and there from your favorite online music store, but to your dismay, you’ve reached your 5 tagged song limit for the month. Major FAIL right?

Well Andrew Fisher, CEO at Shazam thought it was a FAIL too (probably after hearing it from an number of his 150+ million users).

That being said, Fisher just updated us that the Shazam service is not free, with no monthly song tag limit.

So, based on your feedback and how much Shazamers love the service and want more, we have removed the 5 tag limit per month on tagging. The core Shazam offering is now free with no limits!

Now – read that sentence carefully. It says the “core” offering is free. I expect there to be an update soon in both the Apple App Store and the Android Market showing more premium-type functionality (especially with iOS 5 right around the corner).


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