Your Thoughts On Mayweather vs. Ortiz 1Since I didn’t pay HBO PPV to watch the fight live, I wasn’t going to comment on any of the Mayweather vs. Ortiz stuff until I was actually able to see the “shot in question”

If you saw the fight, and not just read about it in the paper, I’d love your comments below. Check out this entertaining little clip put together by TMZ as they catch up with boxing commentator, Larry Merchant as he’s leaving LAX the day after the fight.

For my money, I still feel that Mayweather is awesome and just a raw talent, however for this battle I was hoping that the young up-and-comer, Victor Ortiz had prevailed. The exchange of jabs and punches really looked like Ortiz had a decent shot.

UPDATE: I just found this footage of an old Victor Ortiz fight where HE was actually disqualified for a very similar sucker punch to his opponent. Hmmm, what goes around comes around??

Your Thoughts On Mayweather vs. Ortiz 2

[H/T for the Ortiz footage]


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