The next-generation of iTunes, iOS and all things mobile from Apple is really shaping up to be quite exciting.

A number of us are part of the Apple Developer Program and have early access to iOS 5 beta releases and have been using it to develop and test functionality. I actually sent out a tweet last night touting the praise of this latest beta 7 release.

iTunes in the Cloud 1

iTunes in the Cloud 2

Well browsing through the iTunes Store this morning I noticed the badge stating “iTunes in the Cloud – Available Now”

What this means for all you iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners – is that you can actually keep your device in sync, irregardless of where you download your content. So if you downloaded a book through iTunes on your computer, now you can seamlessly download it to your iDevice automatically.

iTunes in the Cloud 3

If you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of iTunes, I highly recommend you do, also ensure that you have the current iOS version.

All signs are still pointing to a iOS 5 general release before the holiday shopping season.

iTunes in the Cloud 4


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