Friday Night Figs 1Say! I do like black figs and ham, I do! I like them John-I-Am!

One of the unexpected benefits of having a box of random, in-season produce delivered to my door every month is the adventure of trying new recipes using ingredients that I never would have purchased myself. This week Farm Fresh to You included a pint of black mission figs in my delivery box. I’m pretty sure I have never actually consumed a fig in my life. I previously thought the best use for a fig tree was to provide projectiles, typically aimed at my kid sister, and to cover David’s privates for PG pictures of the world’s most famous sculpture. So rather than throw them at my grown sister, I decided to find a tasty culinary use for my newly acquired figs.

A quick visit to Google supplied my inspiration for tonight’s dinner. I found a recipe from one of my favorite celebrity chefs, Michael Chiarello, that utilized the figs, blue cheese and prosciutto. Who better to know how to use a fig than a fellow central valley native? This was a great recipe, that is quick and easy to prepare. It could be used for a great plate of pre-bar-b-que appetizers or as a light main. I paired the figs with prosciutto wrapped melon as a complete light-calorie meal. We then added a glass of Barbera, and were transported back to Florence. Buon appetito!



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