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WaterField Designs: Personalized Tablet Cases and Bags

If you’ve been looking for a high quality case or bag for your iPad and been disappointed – this post is for you. WaterField Designs, a San Francisco boutique designer of custom laptop / tablet sleeves and digital gear cases may just be the answer to your distress.

Tablet Ultimate Sleevecase

WaterField Designs specialize in making high-quality cases and bags for every tablet brands available in the market; including, but not limited to, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, Nook Color, and yes – the Apple iPad.

Each tablet model has its own case that snugly fits every device to prevent excessive movement. Waterfield also offers made-to-order tablet cases. Just send them your tablet’s spec dimensions and they will do it, regardless of the model. Now that’s customer service!

One of their best sellers, Tablet Ultimate SleeveCase, is available in ten different sizes. It functions as an elegant stand-alone case or it can be inserted into another bag. You can also add a shoulder strap if you want to, with three different straps to choose from.  The trim of the case itself can also be customized with two materials to choose from, Lead Indium or Brown Leather.


But if there is one product that caught my attention, it has to be their Muzetto™. Do not be fooled by its elegant look, this small bag can protect your tablet (or laptop) very effectively. Muzetto™ is an ideal bag for travelling and commuting, it provides security pocket for your wallet, mobile phone, and car key. Aside from the four sizes available, you can have your own personalized bag just like the Ultimate Sleevecase.

Since I’m a MacBook Air owner – here’s their overview of their sleeve for the Air:

You can check their lineup of covers on their official website. Follow WaterField on Twitter | YouTube | Facebook


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