Measure Your Google+ Influence With PlusClout 1We knew it was only a matter of time before some smart tech start up found a way to measure reach and relative influence on Google+.

Enter PlusClout – defined as the measurement of influence a user has on Google+. It is a number between 0 and 100. Obviously the closer to 100 you are the more influential you are perceived.

Your PlusClout score is calculated based on the data from, which appears to be an aggregator of data. They claim to have crunched over 15 million public Google+ profiles and items shared (posts, comments, +1’s etc.).

Not completely scientific, and obviously with Google+ still being so new, this measurement may not be completely representative. But, it’s fun to see where you match up against others on the service.

My score, for example, is 74.7

Kevin Rose, Robert Scoble, and Marissa Mayer are at 95, Larry Page is 67.3 and good ol’ Mark Zuckerberg sits at 0.

[HT to Wayne Sutton for the tip]


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