I really hate to pick on one politician, but when you use the same insensitive joke more than once you deserve your own STPS post. Michelle Bachmann for some reason thinks that natural disasters destroying property and killing people are fodder for her weak attempts at humor. Apparently she thought it was so funny she should use the lame joke at more than one campaign stop in Florida.


Despite her total lack of sensitivity for the 35 people who died from hurricane Irene, the Bachmann camp is refusing to apologize, at least for now. Somehow I doubt the friends, families and victims of these natural disasters would find these remarks humorous. Stick to your job Mrs. Bachmann, tell us how you would fix the country and leave the jokes for the late night talk show hosts. We wouldn’t want you putting them out of business and further depressing the economy. Although, you will need much better material to have any chance of that.



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