DISH Network Offers Portable HDTV Solution: The Tailgater

Campers, RVers, tailgaters, and anyone looking for outdoor television entertainment, DISH Network has something for you. Announcing the Tailgater portable satellite TV antenna.

Now I don’t have one of these…YET (hint hint DISH Network…), but according to their announcement, the antenna, priced at $350 is supposedly one of the lowest-priced portable satellite antennas on the market and is quite easy to use.

How it Works

In conjunction with the ViP 211k single-tuner HD receiver, the Tailgater will automatically locate satellite positions, which means that there’s no need for manual antenna adjustment. That in itself is a major score !!

For added flexibility, DISH Network offers customers a convenient solution that allows them to pay month-to-month for programming, ensuring they only pay for the service when in use. Current DISH Network customers can use their existing account to service the Tailgater system. An additional outlet fee may apply.

“Tailgaters across the country have wanted an easy way to watch their games in HD, and now they can through DISH Network’s Tailgater – the best value for a portable satellite TV antenna on the market,” said Ira Bahr, Chief Marketing Officer for DISH Network. “The Tailgater’s simple set-up combined with full access to DISH Network’s programming packages at convenient month-to-month pricing makes it the best ‘TV-on-the-go’ option for outdoor enthusiasts.”

For more in-depth information about the Tailgater head over to the DISH Network landing page here.


James Hicks

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  1. Just wanted to let people know I recently picked up my Tailgater.  I ordered it online through my employer. Dish and just took it up into the mountains for the first time over the weekend.  It only took me only ten minutes to set it up, and this including the time it took the Tailgater to do the auto-scan and find the satellites. It only weighs ten pounds, which is nice.  Best of all, the HD picture is just as good as the one on my TV at home.  I highly recommend this to any outdoor or tailgating enthusiasts.

      1.  @jameshicks Absolutely! You bring the nachos; I’ll fire up the Tailgater! Now, if only the Nuggets can make it to game seven against LA, we’ll be set!

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