Anne Hathaway’s Paparazzi Rap. Also, Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare

Anne Hathaway tells the paparazzi how it is.

I admit, I’m a bit… a lot neurotic.  I’m known to carry two forms of hand sanitizer (in liquid and wipe form) and I instinctively lock my car seven times before feeling comfortable enough to leave it.  I have very specific fears, but completely arbitrary reasons for determining likes and dislikes.  For example, some people are afraid of heights.  That’s it, just heights.  I’m afraid of the pain, impact, and disfigurement that the air pressure and the inevitable landing of plummeting to my death from 1,000+ feet in the air would cause.

Fans adore Anne Hathaway because she’s graceful, a great actress, personable, etc.  I like Anne Hathaway, because she has impeccable posture.  Now I like her because of her failed attempt to pull off a Lil’ Wayne-esque rap.

Hathaway was charming on Conan on Tuesday to talk about her new movie, One Day and her exercise regiment for her Catwoman role in the new Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

The highlight of the interview was no doubt the rap she composed to vent about the paparazzi.  It was less than a minute long but pure golden awesomeness complete with head bop and rap hands.  The forced gruffness and completely out-of-character slang as Hathaway powered through rap made it both entertaining and awkward.  Her self-conscious chuckle at the end seemed to ask, “was it as awkward for me as it was for you?”  Yes.  The answer was yes.

Since we’re on the topic of raps, I have a great one to share.  It’s the hypothetical battle of rhymes between Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare.  The content of the rap was consistent with the would-be styles of both.  I would say this was more of a “win” whereas Hathaway’s attempt at rap was a “cute.”  As for which would take the win in the battle between Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare?  You’ll have to be the judge.


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