If you can’t have fun at your job – what’s the use?


Even a diehard Apple fan as myself can gather some enjoyment out of watching Microsoft executives poke fun at a few of their competitors, and at the same time do a little tribute to Michael Jackson.

The cast of characters are:

  • Microsoft Office leader – Kurt DelBene (driving)
  • Windows Phone head – Andy Lees (passenger)
  • Bing chief – Qi Lu (back left)
  • Marketing Chief – Chris Capossela (back right)

Best line from the video:

“Didn’t we just pass Google again? Yeah, I love passing Google…”

Update: Well as you can tell – something has happened and the video has been pulled from Vimeo. If anyone can tell us where another copy is we’ll link to it. Sorry folks.

Microsoft Execs 'Typical' Carpool 1

[H/T Business Insider | video via Vimeo]



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