Klout Adds YouTube 1You social influence profile, according to Klout, is pretty much complete now. They’ve added YouTube into the Klout score algorithm

It was mentioned during this afternoon’s extremely informative #KloutChat where the topic was,¬†coincidentally, “New Networks

If you’re on Klout – log in to the site and add grant access to get a much more accurate calculation of your overall social footprint and influence.

Many of us on today’s chat feel this is the right direction, and the right new network to add. Next let’s see if Facebook Pages and Flickr can be added.

Klout Adds YouTube 2Update: I just received a clarifying Tweet from Klout. As of right now, they have not fully integrated YouTube into the score calculation. They are only “collecting tokens.” I’m not sure what that actually means, but regardless – go get it done and be one of the first to have YouTube counted in your score.


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