I made my regular, recurring visit to Starbucks yesterday to pick up my pound of ground coffee (went with the Kenya bold blend this time). While I was there the barista told me about the newly released Iced Coffee Blend and the special they were running. Buy a pound of the Iced Coffee Blend and my other pound of coffee is free.


Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend - Good Stuff 1Well I’m obviously not going to pass up that killer deal !!

Only problem, I got the hot coffee preparation steps down to a science – the iced coffee, not so much. My primary concern was the amount of water to use.

Thank goodness I see that Starbucks has posted some guidelines on their official blog

  1. Brew it double strength – use the same amount of coffee you’d normally make, but just half the water
  2. After brewing, add enough ice to fill your pot or pitcher
  3. Serve the coffee fresh over ice in a glass

According to Daniel, the Global Coffee Product Manager at Starbucks that wrote their blog post, he sweetens his with syrup and half-and-half. Doubt if I’ll go the half-and-half way, but I’ll try something fancy this weekend.

Any of you tried the Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend yet? What do you put in yours?

[image via Starbucks.com]

Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend - Good Stuff 2


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