I’m not going to say ANYTHING about who is and who isn’t good drivers, but….

Earlier this week in Monte Carlo in Monaco,  A woman driving a Bentley Azure, sticker price $383,000, crashed into a $95,000 Mercedes Benz.

That’s bad enough and hurts the heart, but oh that’s not all. The “unidentified driver” also hit a Ferrari 430, priced at $270,000, a $95,000 Porsche 911, and last, but not least, an Aston Martin Rapide, worth $220,000.

All this happened in the city square near the Place du Casino so obviously crowds gathered quickly to see mayham.

The accident caused such a mash-up that the woman in the Bentley couldn’t open her car’s doors.

The Daily Mail reports the crash is estimated to cost more than $65,000, with the Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin requiring new front wings and bumpers. The U.K. paper reports the Bentley will need the same repairs, and a new door.

[story via CBS News]

Lady Smashes Up $1 Million Worth of Luxury Vehicles - OUCH ! 4


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