ZooGue Launches Innovative iPad 2 Case   1Last Wednesday, ZooGue released BinderPad which fits the iPad 2 into a 3-ring binder.


Tim Angel, owner of ZooGue, already has experience with iPad cases as evidenced by his first cover named Genius. The polyester-made BinderPad is more than a smart cover as the slim case (1/2 inch thick) fits your tablet very well into a binder.

The case just weighs about 3.3 ounces and it is available in 2 variants (Black and Dark Grey). Even if your iPad is in the binder, the cover does not hinder in accessing every ports, controls and buttons.

ZooGue Launches Innovative iPad 2 Case   2It is a timely release for ZooGue as they market the BinderPad pouch with a theme Back to School. With more schools allowing tablets rather than textbooks, this case is a must-have for students. If you’re still studying and wants to carry their iPad in style, ZooGue BinderPad seems like a good deal.

It is available for only $29.99.

For more information see zoogue.com.

ZooGue Launches Innovative iPad 2 Case   3


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