Lady Gaga's Edible Fashion Part Deux: The Bone Dress 1
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I don’t like attracting attention.  As established in my prior post, I have a healthy (or unhealthy?) level of paranoia.  Having people stare at me or even the perception of them looking at me makes me uncomfortable.  That means I will not bust a move at the Apple store (something iJustine has been known to do), nor will I break out a Broadway-esque “Singing in the Rain” routine on the streets of San Francisco (see Natalie Tran, a.k.a. Community Channel’s Wicked Brolli Moves and Wondercon video on YouTube).  As awesomely fabulous as they both look, I’ll just have to settle for watching enviously from afar.

This is precisely why Lady Gaga fascinates me.  Her bold fashion sense both amaze and taunt me.  If only my paranoia didn’t inhibit my creativity.  It’s a year later and her “meat dress” from the 2010 MTV Music Video Award is still being used as metaphors in pop culture.  So it should be no surprise that a BBQ company, Pig of the Month is offering Lady Gaga half million dollars to wear their original Couture BBQ Rib dress to MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards.

The dress, titled Breathtaking Bone Art was reportedly designed by a well-known fashion designer whose designs have graced the runways of New York, London, and Paris.  Unfortunately, the design will not be revealed until Lady Gaga accepts Pig of the Month’s $500K offer but it supposedly will be slathered in the company’s very own gourmet sauce.  This campaign is Pig of theMonth’s “Bones for Hunger” marketing campaign where money will be donated to starving artists for each rack of ordered and eaten bones people mail back to them.

I think it’s for a great cause.  But wouldn’t it be better to actually give some ribs away for free to the starving artists?  Taunting them with a bone dress that once was a BBQ rib meal is just deliciously cruel.


Lady Gaga's Edible Fashion Part Deux: The Bone Dress 2


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