MyEmpire iApp Gets An Update 1It’s been a number of months now, and I’m still pretty well dialed into the social interaction game of Empire Avenue.

Many of us involved find it to be more than just your typical online social game, but more of a complement to our goals of being more relevant and influential throughout the social interweb.

Empire Avenue is a fast growing and comprehensive platform that really allows you to see how much that relevance and influence is being adopted amongst your social circles.

For iPhone owners the unofficial Empire Avenue app, MyEmpire, has just been updated.

As before, MyEmpire gives you full access to your portfolio, the ability to buy and sell, update your status, research new users, read notifications, and access the full profiles of your shareholders.

That would be good enough right? Well now in version 2.0 there are the following additional features:

  • Added a new View Other Porfolio screen. Now you can look up high-performers and see who they’ve bought into! This is great for finding new people to invest in.
  • Added a new Profile Snapshot screen. Now you can see who bought and sold you in a glance! Also helps keep track of people you buy and sell.
  • Added a cool scrolling stock ticker. Watch your investment portfolio scroll by in neat looking dot-matrix lettering!
  • Improvements to the user interface throughout the entire app. Now includes Retina icons and graphics.
  • Improved the notifications screen and added the ability to jump to the buy & sell screen from a notification.
  • Added more influencer details to all the lists.
  • Added sorting to several list screens. You can now sort most lists by ticker, price change, earnings, etc.
  • Added a Earnings/Price ratio to help select good value influencers.
  • Enhanced the Stock Broker screen to better estimate the number of shares you can buy or sell.
  • Added display of dividends received to the Stock Broker screen.
The app is going to cost you $2.99, but it’s well worth it if you’re trading EAves on Empire Avenue. There is a free version, but it’s ad supported.
If you’re looking for a new investment, check me out (ticker: JWH)

MyEmpire iApp Gets An Update 2


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