Take a Tour of Chris Pirillo's House 1Does that title excite you? I was intrigued, but not necessarily excited.

I’ve followed Chris for a number of years, and know his ex-wife, have hung out at conferences with both of them, blah blah blah…

All that being said, I’ve got Mr. Pirillo in various social interaction circles. Well, today is Mr. Lockergnome’s birthday and for the occasion he has continued with what will undoubtedly become a yearly tradition – that is a video tour of the Pirillo House.

Many of us are accustomed to seeing his office with the massive iMac screens and flashing lights, but have not seen where this geek-at-heart hangs his hat when he’s not on the air.

I headed over to his YouTube channel and started the playback. Very consciously of Chris he speaks very verbosely of things that aren’t really interesting (the front door, the entry way, his sand structures, and some dog blankets). Then, the video abruptly stops and flashes a screen asking for $6.99 to continue.

Essentially Chris is charging $6.99 for the full video tour of his house. You get a 2 minute preview then after that it’s time to pull out the credit card.

Chris is making money on his birthday – at $6.99 a pop, with all his followers on the various platforms he’s on – I’m thinking he’s going to get a nice present of $$ in the checking account. BRILLIANT !!

Happy birthday man – see you soon !

Take a Tour of Chris Pirillo's House 2



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