No Mollydooker Shiraz For You !! 1

Premium wine drinkers here in the U.S. are shedding a few tears right now. it what is being called “the crash heard around the world.”

In an incredibly unfortunate forklift malfunction, 462 cases of the 2010 Mollydooker Velvet Glove Shiraz won’t be arriving in the United States this fall after a container holding one third of the winemaker’s annual production to crashed to the ground, shattering bottles, crushing cartons, and leaving the container floor awash in premium red, red wine.

The malfunction was caused when a twist lock on the forklift broke, one end of the container broke free, the container tipped and then slid inexorably and inevitably to the ground, crushing, crumpling and compacting the cartons of wine.

Sounds brutal doesn’t it?? Just imagine if you were Sarah and Sparky Marquis, owners of the McLaren Vale winery when they got the call of the unfortunate incident…

“It was the call no winemaker ever wants to receive,” said Sparky Marquis. “This wine is our pride and joy, we think it is the best we have ever made, and to see it accidentally destroyed and not consumed, has left us all a bit numb. But luckily we still have two thirds of our production left so we still have plenty to share with our friends.”

At $185 per bottle, Velvet Glove is Mollydooker Winery’s top premium wine, and was being shipped to the USA ready for the release of the 2010 wines on September 15 (known by friends and fans as International Mollydooker Day). Still suffering shock, the Marquises and insurance assessors are now checking each bottle by hand to determine if any of the $1.025 million shipment can be salvaged.

For more on the wine, see their website here.


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