Mr. Wilson Goes to Washington 1

On Monday, July 25th the World Champion San Francisco Giants have been invited to visit the White House.  During the visit they will be greeted by the President for a photo opportunity and a tour of the White House.  Traditionally, Presidents invite championship teams for a meet and greet each year. The Giants expected to be invited during their road trip to face the Washington Nationals, but the President was slightly busy dealing with Osama Bin Laden that weekend.

Let’s hope their closer, Brian Wilson, does not wear his ESPY’s outfit to the White House next week!

As part of the meet and greet, the team traditionally presents the President with a home team jersey.  This morning on KNBR, the Giants flagship radio station, team president, Larry Baer, told the Murph and Mac show that they would be presenting Obama with something other than the traditional jersey.  Lets hope it’s not black and white and made of spandex.

What do you think the team should give to the president? What would you want to receive?

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Mr. Wilson Goes to Washington 2


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