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iPhone 5, iPad 3 Scheduled For September Release?

Apple enthusiasts all over the world have something to celebrate after the rumored September release of iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Some are considering these as baseless speculations and Apple is not yet confirming or denying anything with regard these rumors.

iPhone 5, some are already calling it the “iPhone 4S” is said to be released not later than 3rd Quarter of this year. As iOS 5 is officially scheduled to be out in the autumn, some tech experts are assuming that the 5th generation iPhone will be the first device to make use of Apple’s newest operating system.

iPad 3, on the other hand, seems to be more of a rumor compared to iPhone 5. According to an unidentified Apple employee, iPad 2 was a bit of a rush and the third generation iPad will make up for its shortcomings.

Digitimes also reported that Taiwan-based component suppliers are already preparing materials that will be assembled to build Apple’s two new devices. It is also mentioned that the company will start a low volume production in August to meet the September rumored release. The IT website also claimed that Apple is in the process of looking for a second manufacturing partner for their iPad 3 since Foxconn (iPad manufacturer) is still in the process of rebuilding their factory after a fire broke just months ago.

Maybe it’s time for Apple to release a new iPhone since it has already been a year since iPhone 4 came out.  As for iPad 3 that has just been released early this year, it would definitely piss off those people who bought the second generation iPad. Apple should let iPad 2 owners enjoy their device first, even for a year!


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