Comic-Con 2011: Dress Rehearsal for Halloween

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Growing up, I loved Halloween for two reasons: candy and not having to define Halloween’s true meaning in exchange for the candy.  I was never known for designing or making my own costumes.  My creativity never extended to apparel and accessories.  Sewing, in particular, was an insurmountable challenge.  There were always more needle pricks in my fingers than there were in the fabric I was attempting to connect.  So I always marveled in awe and envy at the elaborately perfect homemade costumes at the Comic-Con every year.

As I scrolled through the photo gallery of Comic-Con 2011 (which began today) on Yahoo!, I felt feel a little disappointed.  There were more photos of the Twilight film stars and Shark 3D press photos than of anything else. My inner troll can’t help but scream, “that’s not a costume!  They’re just wearing jeans and a T-shirt!  At least put on some fangs or a werewolf mask!”  Chris Evans didn’t even wear his Captain America costume.

2011 Comic-Con spans from 7/21 through 7/24.  All badges are sold out, but you can always pre-register for Comic-Con 2012 or get some 40th anniversary swag onsite or online.  If you are lucky enough to have scored a badge (in which case I’ll be jealous of you regardless of whether you’re wearing an elaborately perfect homemade costume), there are two locations for badge pick up: The San Diego Convention Center and Town & Country Hotel Convention Center.

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Though they won’t receive candy for their costumes and efforts, at least Twilight fans were treated with a surprise visit from the film’s stars as they camped outside the venue.

Leave comments and photos to gloat if you’re at Comic-Con.

If you’re not there, leave comments anyway, because I feel your pain.



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