The Plot Thickens. Piers Morgan vs. Phone Hack Scandal?

Dating an information security engineer has infused a healthy level of paranoia (as well as The Sims, bad horror flicks, punk rock… Ok, I’m going to stop right there.  I can feel my coolness factor rapidly dropping below a level that’s comfortable for my self-esteem) into my daily life.  Though I’m certain he would never do it, but just knowing he is capable of hacking into my phone, email, and laptop while eating dinner and juggling, further increases my level of paranoia.

As always, the media exacerbates my neurosis.

Maybe there’s merit, or perhaps Britain has finally seen enough of Piers Morgan on TV and decided to take him out; British lawmaker, Louise Mensch, made allegations during a committee hearing that Morgan is guilty of phone hacking practices.  Mensch, a Conservative member of Parliament on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee asserted that Morgan’s 2005 book, The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade, detailed how he acquired newsworthy stories through a particular phone hacking technique.  Apparently, just by entering a standard four-digit code, anyone can hack into your phone and listen to your voicemails.

Never have I been more glad that I am so insignificant in the grand scheme of the social world, that no one will ever be interested in hacking into my personal life.

I’ll just rest assured that my boyfriend will be the only threat in my life on that front.


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