Last Friday, Scott Creations LLC revealed the availability of Versetta iPad handbags and cases. These bags allow you to carry your tablet in style.

You can now interact with your iPad (either version 1 or 2) as each case includes a defensive flap and frame. Good thing about this bag is you can access every buttons and ports without removing your tablet.

Customer’s preference is the main concern of Versetta as you have the option to choose your bag. From tote to hobo and even from satchel to attaché, Versetta has something in store for you. Not to mention, colors vary from 6 different shades (black, turquoise, brown, pink, coral and yellow).

Susan Scott, founder of Scott Creations LLC, offers a couple of collections namely, Prima and Affari. In Prima, it is best suited for women who are tech-savvy yet wants to be fashionable at the same time. Meanwhile, Affari collection is for those professionals who like classy and minimalist designs.

You can purchase Versetta iPad handbags and cases on their official website. Merchants can also use the contact form on Scott Creations LLC to bring trendy bags in their stores.

Keep up with Versetta: Website | Facebook

Fashionable iPad Handbags and Cases from Versetta 1



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