Very few people know this about me, but I had a very short-lived singing stint.  For about one year in high school, I sang everyday and did karaoke with friends almost every weekend.  I attributed that to my muscular thoracic diaphragm achieved through years of playing the flute.  How do I sound now?  Well, now that’s just a cruel question, so I will not be going into detail about that.

Since its inception, YouTube has launched the music, film, and entertainment careers of a plethora of its users.  All was great until the infamous accidental viral videos of Justin Bieber that skyrocketed the career of one sexually ambiguous teen.  Now, when I utter the words “YouTube artist” or “singers who got their start on YouTube”, the immediate response I get is “oh, you mean like Justin Bieber?”

No.  Not like Justin Bieber.  Not even a little bit.  Not at all.

I’ve stumbled upon numerous YouTube cover artists, and found that these 10 deserve some recognition.  My 3 favorites are among them, but in order to not mislead the witness, I’ll let you watch and decide if they deserve a little fame.  Their videos have at least 1 million views and some inching toward the 10 million mark.  They’re not in any particular order at all.  Leave a comment below if you think I missed anybody.


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  1. Great list, Tammy! I love finding fantastic covers on YouTube — my friends and I all send them around to each for fun. Sometimes a great cover just does something for me that the original didn’t, even if that original was a great song in the first place. Looking forward to listening to your list!

    My latest conversation:

  2. @annedreshfield Thanks! I’m glad you like the post 🙂 Some of these cover artists also have their own original music. I look forward to hearing what you think after you’ve heard them and curious to see which ones are your favorites.


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