Five reasons to watch:
1. This may be the only Sunday football we see this year.
2. Football…ummm…Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.
3. We are NUMBER ONE! The U.S. is ranked first in the world by FIFA.
4. These are Athletes you will be proud to have your children look up to.
5. Our team has an excellent chance of winning, and if they lose we can all feel good about the Japanese winning, they could use some good news.

If you haven’t been following the tournament, here is a recap what you missed.

USA 1 vs BRAZIL 1 (USA wins on penalty kicks 5-3)

USA 3 vs FRANCE 1 (USA scores two late goals to win)

The Final Match airs July 17th at 11:45am Pacific Time on ESPN.


5 Reasons to Watch the Women's World Cup Final 1


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