Revenge of the Underdogs: "Horrible Bosses"  1The law of nature dictates certain relationships to be diametrically opposed.  For instance, bacon does not belong in chocolate cupcake, milk should never sunbathe, I should never do math in my head, and workers are destined to hate their bosses.  To be fair, I’ve worked for bosses whom I truly respect and admire.  So I accept your challenges of exceptions to these laws of diametric.  But bad bosses make much better stories.  Winning rounds of drinks and watching people groan in shock and agony while listening to my stories is priceless.

Office Space has one of the most notorious awesomely atrocious bosses (avert your eyes, major spoiler alert here).  But employees’ revenge plot of embezzling money from the company, then to have all of the money go to the abused underdog employee, Milton?  Even more priceless.

Another example is David Spade‘s character, Russell Dunbar, from the CBS TV show Rules of Engagement.  The way he treats his assistant, Timmy (played by Adhir Kalyan) is also so awesomely atrocious, you can’t help but laugh, and then wonder if this will be a strike against you that eventually casts you to hell.

Now, a new movie will join the rank of one of the greatest workplace diametric movies of all time: Horrible Bosses.  The new movie stars Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Colin Farrell as three types of bad bosses.  Aniston plays the maneater, Spacey’s character epitomizes the classic psycho, and Farrell plays a sleazy tool (complete with greasy thinning hair and wardrobe from the early 80’s).

The underdogs played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day goes where all unappreciated, abused employees dream but have too much common sense to go: murder each other’s bosses.  Of course, things go horribly wrong and a nightmare filled with absurd hilarity ensues.  The movie has been compared to The Hangover 1.

Disclaimer: Readers, please don’t try this at your workplace.  I doubt the results will be nearly as entertaining.

Revenge of the Underdogs: "Horrible Bosses"  2


  1. @HicksNewMedia Though he didn’t have heavy screen time, I thought Colin Farrell’s character was epic! Just gross enough to be disturbing yet cringe-inspiring hilarious.


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