Netflix Raises Prices 60%

The bad news: Netflix announced a new pricing structure today that will result in up to a 60% increase for customers.

The good news: Netflix has renewed it’s commitment to providing DVD’s by mail for the long-term.

Netflix has decided to divide it’s operations into two distinct branches.  Up to this point customer plans included DVD’s and Unlimited streaming.  Going forward customers will have to choose between the two services or the combination of both.

What does this mean for new and existing customers?

Existing customers will have to make a decision by September 1st, when the new pricing goes into effect, which services they wish to receive.  Unlimited streaming will cost customers $7.99 a month.  Unlimited DVD’s (one out at a time) will also cost $7.99 a month.  Customers can choose either one or both services.  Both Unlimited Streaming and DVD’s will ring you up for $15.98 a month.  For customers currently receiving both services for $9.99 the new pricing structure results in a 60% increase. As of today, new customers will have the same options at the time they initiate service.

Full details can be found on the Official Netflix Blog, here.  Further details of the decision are promised to be released when Netflix reports their quarterly earnings on July 25th.

What changes will this prompt you to make in your Netflix account?  If you need help deciding how much money you are saving, or wasting, with Netflix check out the Feedfliks website. Once you sign in and authorize Feedfliks to analyze your Netflix data, you will be presented with extensive data that will show you how much you spend on each movie, how long you take to return DVD’s, and how you compare to other subscribers.  Armed with this data analysis you will be ready to make a savvy decision on September 1st when the new pricing structure goes into effect.


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  1. I’m really hoping this means they’ll make streaming even better, since they’ll have the increased profit. I stil wouldn’t switch to Hulu Plus yet as the selection is very limited right now. Do you know much about Amazon’s service? I’d love more competition in this market.

  2. I’m not too worried about this because I almost never got the DVDs anyways. Now they just need to work on actually getting good titles.

  3. I only use streaming so doesn’t seem to affect me too much. Hopefully they’ll improve their streaming service with new revenue! It sucks when I’m watching Dr. Who and Netflix keeps pausing it to load something.

  4. I agree @Netflix needs to work on getting better titles for their streaming service. They also have already caved to the studios by taking DVD titles on a 30 day delay. After that deal, I don’t have much faith in their ability to negotiate better deals for content.

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