140 characters really isn’t enough to get a complex thought out. It’s great for quick bursts and updates that point to much deeper context.


Twitter Starts Promoting #longreads 1That being said, there is a great post on the official Twitter blog that references the #longreads hashtag that directs readers attention to the originally created “long form” content. In the words of the post, “…you’ll find tweeted suggestions of long articles and short stories by serious fans of great journalism and writing.”

Along with the #longreads hashtag, they list a handful of Twitter IDs to follow for more in-depth reading:

@longreads: Run by the creator of the hashtag, this account shares the most popular articles and credits whoever surfaced it.
@somethingtoread: Shares select essays and articles that have been saved on @instapaper
@ifyouonly: If you only have time to read one thing…
@longformorg: Shares long-form reads from the past and present.
@sportsfeat: A companion to the account above but devised specifically for sports features.

Twitter Starts Promoting #longreads 2



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