Angry Birds Windows Desktop Theme 1

The smartphone toting world is still very much in love with the pig smashing game of Angry Birds.

You can play the game on an iOS , Android or Windows Phone device. You can also play the game through your browser (if you’re using Google Chrome).

Now, for your Microsoft Windows users there is a desktop theme made specifically for you to show your love for the characters and the sounds of Angry Birds.

The theme is a collection of six desktop wallpapers featuring the beloved pigs, birds and sound effects.

The desktop images are cool, but you gotta check out the sounds – when you  exit Windows, the birds give off a familiar screem and when you get an email message, you get the familiar grunting of the pigs.

The Angry Birds theme is officially designed for Windows 7 but you can also use it a XP and Vista machines with a simple hack.

Have fun.

[HT Digital Inspiration]

Angry Birds Windows Desktop Theme 2


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