Enter The Google+ Browser Add-ons 1It’s only been a week, and the platform is still in a limited “semi-private” beta, but there is already a handful of browser add-ons for Google+ (obviously they are all only for Google Chrome).


Here is a list of the ones I found so far.

  • Google Plus – Simply launches you to plus.google.com – not very exciting
  • Google Plus Lite – Loads the mobile version of Google+ in your desktop browser (hmm – not sure how valuable that is)
  • Surplus – Allows users to access their Google+ notifications and compose new posts directly in Chrome, without having to be on the Google domain

Worth noting – each of these add-ons were developed by Google verified authors and NOT Google themselves. Each one has positive and negative comments. Install with caution.

Should you run into any problems, have feedback, or know of other add-ons let us know in the comments below.

If you’re already on Google+ add me to one of your Circles, my profile is here.

Enter The Google+ Browser Add-ons 2



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