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Lulzsec quits

One of the rather entertaining sagas has been the back and forth between different Hacking communities. Between Anonymous and Lulzsec it has been an eventful year regarding security breaches and hacks that have been perpetrated. Well, things are about to get a bit quieter.

LulzSec has had a good 50-day run. During this time they have picked their targets and accomplished some rather good feats. Some of their hacks have included:, Sony Music Japan, PBS, the FBI, and Lulzsec has announced that it is ceasing operations. As they state, “50 days ago, we set sail with our humble ship on an uneasy and brutal ocean: the Internet”.

Just because Lulzsec is ceasing its operations does not mean we will see the end of hacking; far from it. We will still have 4chan, Anonymous and corporate, even state-supported, hacking groups continuing to cause mayhem on the Internet. Do not fret, ultimately the hacking is going to be a positive thing in the end. It will only serve to increase security and harden the systems of the Internet, which is ultimately best for every netizen.

You can read the entire LulzSec Goodbye letter at Pastebin.


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