Back in the “good ol’ days” I was fortunate to work with a dynamic group of individuals that made up PowerSchool – the premier student information system.

Today, the PowerSchool product and team is no longer a division of Apple, but is now properly aligned and integrated into the Pearson School Systems family.

Recently the team took the covers off version 7 of the student information system (I remember when it was 2.xx) – how time and technology advancements fly by…

For statistics/infographic geeks (like me) you’ll appreciate the short video below that shows the tremendous effort exerted with the new release.

If you have children in K-12 grades more than likely you have some exposure to either PowerSchool or some other web-based student information system.

If you’re not aware of the organization and the product, head over to their website, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Congratulations all !

The Making of PowerSchool 7 1

The Making of PowerSchool 7 2


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