IBM Processors Power Wii U 1Nintendo recently unveiled the new Wii U system at the E3 trade show.

Check out the video below showing some of the extensive possibilities of the game console which is scheduled to hit store shelves next year.

Me, being a bits-and-bytes technology guy  focused on the fact that IBM will be providing the micropocessors underneath the hood of the console.

The relationship between IBM and Nintendo dates to May 1999, when IBM was selected to design and manufacture the central microprocessor for the Nintendo GameCube system. Since 2006, IBM has shipped more than 90 million chips for Nintendo Wii systems.

“IBM has been a terrific partner for many years. We truly value IBM’s commitment to support Nintendo in delivering an entirely new kind of gaming and entertainment experience for consumers around the world,” said Genyo Takeda, Senior Managing Director, Integrated Research and Development, at Nintendo Co., Ltd.

IBM Processors Power Wii U 2



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